The Curd Family in America, compiled by Benjamin F. Curd (1915), William B. Curd and Lucy P. R. Troug (1927), Frank D. Fuller and Thomas H. S. Curd (1938), with supplement by Thomas H. S. Curd (1981) and Jean Curpen Dones (1982)  8vo -- 489 pages of text, 180 pages in four indexes, and twenty interleaved images.  The Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM at the request, and with the consent, of Grace Woodson Curd and her Children, © December 2004.

This genealogy recounts the history of SOME of the descendants of Edward Curd, a resident in 1704 of Henrico County, Virginia.  Included are "brief notes" on the allied Brent, Bryan, Perkins, Price and Watkins families.   The four indexes of the volume are on line for the viewing pleasure of our customers.

As indicated above, this genealogical history of the Curd family combines in a single volume (assembled by Thomas H. S. Curd, Jr.) virtually all the [four] Curd family genealogy publications of the 20th Century.  Mr. Curd chose "for historical interest" to reprint the 1915 Benjamin Curd text (a very brief essay) and the larger 1927 Curd/Troug text, stating that much of the genealogical content of these two publications had been "discredited."  Conversely, both publications also offered some, if not considerable, accurate information, both for genealogists and historians.  And so, their reproduction in this 1981 publication was thorougly justified. The third part of volume, the 1938 text by Fuller and Thomas H. S. Curd, Sr., is, as it were,  the lynch-pin.  The 1981 supplement, though it occupies much larger space, is a correction of, or an addition to, the 1938 text.

In the Digital Edition, hyperlinks link the 1981 text to the 1938 text (and vice versa), but do not extend to the 1927 text.  The latter, however, has its own lineage-tracking hyperlinks.  In the Digital Edition, when information in the 1982 addendum corrected or made minor additions to the 1981 supplement, the text was moved to the appropriate place in the supplement.  When the 1982 addendum contained significant additions to the supplement or the 1938 text, the content was left intact, with hyperlinks to the corresponding earlier text.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files (2.6 Mb) and twenty image files (2.4 Mb).

Enhancements: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks; reconciliation of errata with text; hyperlinks to high-quality images.

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