Cummings Genealogy: Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677, of Ipswich in 1638, and Some of His Descendants, by Albert Oren Cummins, (Montpelier, Vermont, 1904).  8vo, 643 pages of text, including a fifty-seven page index, plus 26 interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © April 2004.

This genealogical history of the Cummings family tracks the male descendants of Isaac Cummings through eleven generations, with descendants of  female children typically listed through at least one and sometimes two generations.   The volume includes a short chapter on "Traditions," in which we find speculations on the European origins of the family and a record the immigrant ancestor's activities in Massachusetts.  This is followed by a transcript of Isaac's will.  The volume ends with a twenty-six page account of "Unconnected Cummings Families," including  "Woburn John" and his descendants, and the descendants of Aaron and Mary (Dean) Comings.  The Cummings Genealogy is remarkable in providing precise and often detailed biographical data for an unusually large percentage of Isaac's descendants.

Among people who married descendants of Isaac Cummings, the following surnames occur most frequently:  ABBOTT, ADAMS, ANDREWS, BROWN, CHENEY, DAVIS, FLETCHER, FOSTER, FRENCH, FULLER, GOULD, HALL, HOLT, JOHNSON, JONES, LAWRENCE, MERRILL, MOORE, MORSE, PARKER, REED, RICHARDSON, ROBINSON, SMITH, STEVENS, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, TOWNE, WHEELER, WHITE, WHITNEY, WRIGHT, and YOUNG.  For the convience of our customers, we have posted the book's two indexes (See the name list).

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