Connecticut Marriages

Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800, by Frederic W. Bailey, ed. New Edition, © 2007 by Richard Bingham, ed. (Oceanport, New Jersey, 2007). 722 pages, published on CD-ROM

The contents of this publication – marriage records of various Congregational (and a few Episcopalian) churches in Connecticut – originally appeared in seven volumes, published between 1897 and 1906.  The compiler, Frederic Bailey clearly recognized the importance of transcribing records that were quickly disappearing and making the transcriptions available to genealogical researchers throughout the world.  For this, we owe him our gratitude.

However, as originally published – and lately republished verbatim in PDF format – the work is extremely difficult to use.  The material for each of the seven volumes seems to have been gathered haphazardly and each volume has its own index, which is only vaguely alphabetical.

While scanning and proofing the text of the seven volumes, we decided to produce a New Edition to make the job of finding information much easier for researchers.  We assembled all the marriage records of the original publication in a single machine-searchable file (682 pages) and reordered the contents to constitute logical chapters (one chapter for each of the state’s eight counties).  Additionally, we consolidated the seven indexes in a single file (40 pages), and alphabetized it.

Although this new Digital Edition has its own pagination, the volume and page numbers of the original publication are shown in the right margin, bracketed and highlighted.

The contents of the publication and its index can be found on-line.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files in Word [DOC] format (2.1 Mb).

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