The Crockett Family and Connecting Lines, compiled by Janie Preston Collup French (Mrs. J. Stewart French) and Zella Armstrong, Vol. V. in the "Notable Southern Families" series (Bristol, Tennessee, 1928), xiv + 611 pages, including a thirteen page index and thirty-one images (twenty seven of which are interleaved).  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © October 2004.

This genealogical history of American Crockett families features (1) descendants of Samuel Crockett, who emigrated from Ireland to America about 1715, and utlimately settled in Wythe County, Virginia, and his wife, Elizabeth Montgomer.  (2) Descendants of Joseph Louis Crockett, who was born in Ireland in 1676, emigrated to New Rochelle, New York about 1708, and removed from there to Virginia about 1713.  Descendants of this line includ the famous "hero of the Alamo." (3) Robert Watkins Crockett, who emigrated from Ireland to Virginia about 1740. (4) New England Crocketts. And (5) "Other" Crocketts, including Crocketts from Georgia, Tangier Island Crocketts, Tazewell Crocketts, Crocketts of Bogi Castle, Ireland, James and Robert Crockett of Ireland, and Scottish Crocketts.

The "Connecting Lines" for which there are separate chapters, or significant segments of other chapters, include McGAVOCK, MONTGOMERY, KENT, DIBRELL, SAYERS, CAMPBELL, HAWKINS, GRAHAM, SANDERS, and HARRISON.  There is a chapter devoted to Colonel "Davy" Crockett, and a significant essay on Reverend John Thompson.  The volume concludes with a lengthy chapter (nearly 100 pages of "Wills and Court Records") containing transcripts, extracts, and abstracts of official documents pertaining to the lives and demises of the Crocketts and allied families.

In addition to the surnames mentioned above, collateral families of significance (as shown by the index) include ALLISON, ANDERSON, BAIN, BELL, BROWN, BOWEN, CALDWELL, CARTER, COLLUP, CRAIG, EWING, FRENCH, HULL, JOHNSON, KING, MARSHALL, MOORE, REYNOLDS, SMITH, TAYLOR, WARD, WILSON, and YOUNG.  To view the volume's complete (unfortunately severely abbreviated) index, download the Name List.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files (2.1 Mb) and thiry-one images (5 Mb).

Enhancements: Though chock full of useful information, the volume, as originally published in 1928, sorely needed a competent editor.  The editor of the Digital Edition has met some this need by supplying a table of contents with hyperlinks, by alphabetizing the index, and by supplying lingeage-tracking hyperlinks that both override the compilers' incoherent numbering system and show most of the many intra-familial alliances.  The Digital Edition additionally features high resolution images in separate files, with hyperlinks from the text file.

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