The Corwin Genealogy in the United States, by Edward Tanjore Corwin (New York, 1872).  8vo, xxxiv + 284 pages of text. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © September 2003.

This genealogical history of the Corwin family (with the variable spellings of Curwin, Curwen, and Curwine) features primarily the American descendants of Matthias Corwin (1630) and George Curwin (1638).

Matthias came with John Winthrop to Ipswich, Massachusetts, but subsequently relocated with Hooker to Hartford, Connecticut (1636), and then, with Rev. John Youngs, to Long Island (1640), where he "was one of the leading men of Southold in its first settlement."  George Curwin settled at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1638; descendants of his son, John, removed to New Jersey.   Based on the index, the Corwin and Curwin families seem to have been most numerous (through 1872) in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio.  Prominent collateral families include BROWN, CAMPBELL, CASE, CLARK, DAVIS, DRAKE, HALSEY, HORTON, HOWELL, LITTLE, MAPES, MILLSPAUGH, NORTH, NOYES, OSBORN, PENNEY, REED, REEVE, SMITH, SQUIRES, SWINA, TAYLOR, TERRY, THATCHER, THOMPSON, TUTHILL, WELLS, WILLIAMS, and YOUNG.  The index of the book is on line (see the Name List), but it omits everyone with the Corwin surname, except those who married other Corwin descendants.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files (3.7 Mb) and nine image files (927 Kb).

Enhancements:  Lineage-tracking hyperlinks.  Hyperlinks are especially helpful (and numerous) in the Corwin Genealogy because, instead of listing the descendants of Matthias and George by family groups, the compiler chose to list them all in alphabetical order by given name, A to Z.  With hyperlinks, reconstructing a family group (parents and children) can be done in a minute or two.  Without hyperlinks, this task would take a whole lot longer (perhaps on the order of an hour or so).  Additionally, in the process of installing hyperlinks, the Digital Editions publisher discovered several hundred instances in which the parents of the individuals listed were incorrectly identified (i.e., incorrectly numbered).  Corrections have been made accordingly, or (where the compiler's intention is not obvious) the errors have been flagged.

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