History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family, 1475-1927 by L. Vernon Briggs (Boston, 1927).  8vo, xxxiv + 887 pages in two volumes (including 73 pages in two indexes) with 143 interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © June 2002.

John Cabot, born in the Isle of Jersey 7 April 1680, settled in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1700.  Though not among the earliest immigrants to the New World, the Cabots were, by the end of the Eighteenth Century, the pre-eminent family of New England.  By 1800 they were obscenely wealthy, largely on account of privateering (during the American Revolution), smuggling, and trade in slaves and opium.  In the Nineteenth Century, their enterprises expanded to encompass oil and gas production, railroads, and chemicals [as in, for example, the Cabot stains that many of us use to paint our houses].  They sustained their wealth well into the Twentieth Century largely by educating most of their sons at Harvard and carefully arranging their marriages and the marriages of their daughters.

When told that I was preparing a digital edition of the Cabot genealogy, a dear friend reminded me of an old "toast":

So here's to dear old Boston
Home of the bean and the cod
Where the Lowells speak only to Cabots
And the Cabots speak only to God
In addition to the Lowells, the wealthy or otherwise prominent families with whom the Cabots intermarried (often with considerable frequency) included AMES (as in the industrialist, Oliver) APPLETON, BARRET, BREWSTER (of Mayflower fame), CARY, CLARK, COPLEY (of portrait painter reknown), DODGE, ELLERY (as in William, the Signer) EMERSON (as in Ralph Waldo), FORBES, GARDNER, GERRISH, GRAY, HEMENWAY, HIGGINSON, HOLMES (as in Oliver Wendell), HOLT (as in the publisher), HUTCHINSON (as in Ann), JACKSON, LEE, LODGE (as in Henry Cabot), LYMAN, PAINE (as in Robert Treat, the Signer), PARKER, PARKMAN, PERKINS (as in Thomas Handasyd), PERRY (as in Commodore Oliver Hazard), PUTNAM, RICHARDSON, SAVAGE, SEWELL, STORROW, STURGIS, WHEELWRIGHT, and WINSLOW.   For all Cabots and others named in this book, download the name list.

The Cabots were not especially prolific in the male line -- there are only 115 family records in this genealogy.  Even so, this publication will be of great interest to collateral families -- descendants of the Cabot daughters -- as well as to Cabots themselves.  From the Historian's and the Family Historian's perspective, the History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family is especially valuable for the large number of transcripts of and excerpts from the letters and diaries of the Cabots and their associates (especially Thomas Handasyd Perkins).

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