The Cabells and their Kin: a Memorial Volume of History, Biography, and Genealogy, by Alexander Brown (second edition: Richmond, Virginia, 1939). xvi + 708 pages, with 38 images, interleaved.  This second edition is an exact copy of the first, published in 1895, to which have been added corrections and additions made by the compiler before his death in 1906. Digital Edition © January 2002.

Author of the two-volume Genesis of the United States (Richmond, 1890), Brown opens the Cabell genealogy with a short, thirty-two page chapter on the Cabells and their kin in England.  He then proceeds with detailed accounts of Dr. William Cabell (the immigrant), his descendants through the sixth (and sometimes the seventh) generation, and related families.   The work is remarkable, partly because the family was remarkable, but also because the compiler attended as much to the Cabell daughters and their descendants as he did the Cabell sons; because he provided us with unusually rich biographies of the family in the first three or four generations; and because he "traced back to the emigrant ancestors" of the Cabell spouses, giving us the "seize quartiers sufficiently often to convey a fairly approximate idea of the English, Scotch, Huguenot, and other blood flowing in the veins of the kindred."

As to the family: most of Cabells and their kin in the first three or four generations were lawyers -- "men of affairs."  Says Brown: "They were among the most active founders of this region [tidewater Virginia].  From the time when this section was first represented in the colonial government to the beginning of the Revolution, Cabells were in the House of Burgesses.  During the 'time that tried men's souls,' Cabells and their kin were in the conventions guarding the rights of their home land.  And from the war between the mother country and the Colonies to the war between the States, the Cabells and their kin were constantly representing this region in the House of Delegates, the State Senate, or the House of Representatives of the United States."  Cabells and their kin were prominent as well in the military, mostly as officers, in the War of the Revolution and again on the rebel side in the Civil War.

"Kin" of this aristocratic family included the likes of Pocahontas, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Benjamin Harrison (the emigrant, the Signer, AND, the President), Meriwether Lewis, and George Rogers Clark.   The surnames of other closely allied families include ALEXANDER, ANTHONY, BOLLING, BRECKINRIDGE, BROWN, BRUCE, CALLAWAY, CAMPBELL, CARRINGTON, CARTER,  DAVIS, HORSLEY, JOHNSON, JONES, LEE, McCULLOCH, MAYO, MEREDITH, NELSON, PRESTON, RANDOLPH, READ, REID, RIVES, ROSE, SCOTT, SMITH, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, VENABLE, WALKER, and WOODSON.  For other Cabell kin represented in this genealogy, see the name list.

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