Bushnell Family Genealogy, by George Eleazer Bushnell (Nashville, 1945).  1,017 pages, including 281 pages in three indexes.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2000

This volume features Francis Bushnell (1580-1646), one of the original proprietors of Guilford, Connecticut, four generations of his ancestors in Berkshire, and twelve or thirteen generations of his descendants in America.  It is the product "of some thirty-five years of research culled from official records of Church and State, Bible records, grave-stone inscriptions, published and unpublished compilations, and from many hundreds of letters written by those interested in preserving the data of their branches, and others whose interest in genealogical studies has induced them to devote many tedious hours to research."

In addition to the families of Francis and his descendants, the volume contains "genealogical notes of other Bushnell families, whose connections with this branch ...  have not been determined." Among these, notably, is the family of John Bushnell, who relocated to Utah from Readington, England, about 1850.

The Bushnell Genealogy is also remarkable also in recording descendants of the daughters typically through the third, and often into the fourth and fifth generations.  As a result, the index of names other than Bushnell is nearly four times size of the Bushnell index. Surnames that appear most frequently (in addition to Smith, Brown, Jones, etc.) include: AVERY, BALDWIN, BARBER, BENNETT, BORTHWICK, BOSTWICK, BRAINARD, BREWSTER, CHAPMAN, CHASE, CHENEY, CHURCHILL, CLEVELAND, CONE, CURTIS, DENISON, DICKINSON, DOANE, DOTY, EDDY, ELY, FITCH, FOSTER, GRISWOLD, HART, HIBBARD, HOLCOMB, HYDE, INGHAM, KELLOGG, KELSEY, KIRTLAND, LAY, LEFFINGWELL, LOOMIS, MOORE, MORGAN, PARKER, PERKINS, POST, PRATT, ROBINSON, SEWARD, SHEPARD, SHIPMAN, SPENCER, STANNARD, STEVENS, STONE, STOTT, THOMPSON, TRACY, WARNER, WEBB, WELLS, WHITNEY, and WILCOX. For a complete list, see the Name List.

The Digital Edition: Complete with five text files (5.95 Mb) and two image files (0.3 Mb).

Enhancements: In addition to supplying a table of contents, hyperlinks to images, and thousands of intergenerational hyperlinks, we reformatted the volume using indentation, bold face, italics, and font size to improve readability, eliminate textual ambiguity, and make the job of finding information much easier.  We also put the compiler's references in footnotes (so that they would be immediately at hand rather than in some remote location) and created other footnotes to flag apparent errors or discrepancies.  For those who want to compare the digital edition with the original published version, we have provided examples, as follows --  a more or less accurately sized GIF image of page 132 from the original edition, and a full-size text version of the same page from the digital edition.

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