Colonial Maine

The Beginnings of Colonial Maine, 1602-1658, by Henry S. Burrage (Portland, Maine, 1914), xv + 412 pages (including 18 pages of index).  The Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © October 2009.

A literate, judicious, well-reasoned, and thoroughly documented work by the Maine State Historian.  It includes accounts of the earliest exploration of, and expeditions to, the coast of Maine, beginning with Cabot's voyage of 1497; continued investigations, through the sixteenth century, of the prospects of colonization; attempts of the French to establish a colony at St. Croix, in 1604, later removed to Port Royal and abandoned in 1607; Popham's fortified settlement at the mouth of the Sagadahoc, 1607, which failed for lack of skilled and resolute colonists; the attempts of the French to establish a colony at Mount Desert, thwarted by the English; wrangling for the royal grants to Gorges (1622), Levett (1623), and Mason (1629); and the eventual establishment of settlements along the shore, including a French settlement at Castine.  The story ends in 1658, when the nascent colonies were placed under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts.

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