Burgess Genealogy: Memorial of the Family of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess, Who Were Settled at Sandwich, in the Plymouth Colony, in 1637, by E. Burgess (Boston, 1865).  196 pages, of which eleven pages are in the indexes.  The Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © October 2009.

The ancestral line of Thomas in England and the date of his migration to this country, cannot yet be ascertained with full confidence. It appears that he arrived in Salem with a young family not far from 1630, and lodged for a time at Lynn. A section of land was assigned to him, in that part of Plymouth called Duxbury, July 3, 1637. This section of land, being for-feited by his removal to Sandwich in the same year.

Of his five children, only his daughter Elizabeth (who m. Ezra Perry) and his son Jacob remained in Sandwich.  Thomas removed to Newport, Rhode Island; John, to Yarmouth; Joseph to Rochester.  As of 1865, the descendants, numbering in the thousands, were dispersed from Maine to California. They are chiefly devoted to agriculture, but many navigated the seas. Some were employed in the mechanical arts, and others were found in the medical, clerical and legal professions.

This genealogical history contains the records of more than 4,600 descendants, primarily in male lines, through nine generations. The children of Burgess daughters, when known, were recorded for one generation only.

Families related by marriage include, most notably: BAKER, BLACKWELL, CHASE, CLARK, CROWELL, ELDRIDGE, ELLIS, HALL, NICKERSON, ROBINS, ROBINSON, SAMPSON, SMITH, SWIFT, TAYLOR, and WING.  For all the 4,600 descendants and related families see the on-line index.

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