The Basye Family in the United States, by Otto Basye (Kansas City, Missouri, 1950).  4to, 987 pages  (including a 77-page index and ten images). Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2002.

"The Basye Family in the United States" traces descent, primarily in the male line, from Edmond  and Eliza (Taylor) Basye, who first appeared in public records in the new world, in Northumberland County, Virginia, in 1669.  Descendants of the Basye (Basey) name are chronicled in this family history through the eleventh generation.

The volume opens with a lengthy introductory chapter of twenty-two "forewards" (about 120 pages) covering, among other things, sources, orthography, Basyes in England, the family's Huguenot heritage, characteristic Basye names, Basye occupations, Basyes as townsite founders, and Basyes as soldiers.  Additionally, it contains eight "indexes," of which the first seven concern sources of information (public records, monuments, tombstones, Bible records, libraries, books and magazine articles, and newspaper references), all of which are keyed to the individuals named in the text. The eighth index is the usual index of names.  To view this index, download the name list.

In editing this CD edition of the Basye genealogy, we noted as a particular strength that the compiler (Otto Basye) gave us complete transcriptions of an unusually large number of primary and secondary sources, including wills, inventories, deeds, newspaper articles, and letters.

The Digital Edition:  Three text files (5.4 Mb) and 10 images in GIF format (nine plot plans and one complex table -- 0.3 Mb.).

Enhancements include: Navigation aids, including lineage-tracking hyperlinks and hyperlinks to the image files.  The text has been corrected as directed by the compiler in his list of errata.  The "sources" indexes and the "name" index are published in separate files to make side-by-side viewing easier.

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