Lieutenant William Barton of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Descendants, by William Eleazar Barton, D. D. (Oak Park, IL, 1900) 149 pages including 65 images and a four-page index. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © March 2002.

A soldier in His Majesty's Army, William Barton came America shortly before the Revolution with one of the four regiments commanded by General Thomas Gage.   In the darkest days of the Revolutionary War, Barton deserted the Brits to join General Washington's Continental Army, in which he served honorably with some distinction.   He ultimately settled in Pequannock Township, Morris County, New Jersey.  His children were born there, and there he died (1829).

Rev. W. E. Barton, a Congregationalist minister and compiler of Lt. William's genealogy, gives us an account of William's life, and the lives of his children and grandchildren, with particular emphasis on Lt. William's third son, Eleazar, and his descendants.   He (the compiler) fills his book with the biographies and autobiographies of his ancestors, as well a utterly charming vignettes of life in Northern New Jersey and North Central Illinois (to which Eleazar relocated in 1846).  Dr. Barton also gives us considerable information on the ancestry of his wife, Esther Treat (Bushnell) Barton.

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