The Bartletts: Ancestral, Genealogical, Biographical, Historical, Comprising an Account of the American Progenitors of the Bartlett Family with Special Reference to the Descendants of  John Bartlett of Weymouth and Cumberland, by Thomas Edward Bartlett (New Haven, 1892).  112 pages, including a ten-page index.  This Digital Edition, © December 2008, is published on CD-ROM.

The immigrant ancestor of the Bartletts in this genealogy -- John -- appeared first in colonial records in 1666 as a resident of Weymouth, Massachusetts. He move with his family to Mendon  (Worcester County) in 1671, and then to Rehoboth (in a section later incorporated as part of  Cumberland, Rhode Island) in 1682.  John died in 1684; his widow, in 1685.

Though it encompasses eight generations of Bartletts -- John and some of his descendants -- the work is by no means comprehensive.  “The intention of the compiler,” said the compiler, “has been simply, by patient research and labor, to preserve . . . an accurate transcript of existing data, gathered from numerous reliable sources.”  Accordingly, “Some of the problems connected with the history of … the Bartlett family are satisfactorily settled by the facts now made known in these pages, and thus … it is believed that all who belong to this branch of the Bartletts, can without difficulty find their place upon the family tree.”

Among related families of “this branch,” the most prominent are Aldrich, Arnold, Ballou, Cook, Inman, Jillson, and Smith.  For the complete list, see the on-line index.

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