Barnstable, Massachusetts

Barnstable: Three Centuries of a Cape Cod Town, by Donald G. Trayser (Hyannis, Massachusetts, 1939)  8vo., 520 pages, including a four-page bibilography, sixteen pages of index, and fifty-one images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © July 2004.

Barnstable (from the preface): "Its settlers, of good, hardy, English stock, crossed the Atlantic in the wake of the Mayflower. They came out of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay settlements in the first wave of migration of the bolder spirits, seeking richer fields and greener pastures. A goodly number of them came with their first minister, John Lothrop, from Scituate, as members of a church society gathered four years before. They settled down, hewed out homesteads, and founded a town beside the Great Marshes. The first-comers and those who followed them numbered many men and women distinguished in spheres far wider than those compassed by the boundaries of Barnstable. ... Its inhabitants have been, largely, farmers and seafaring men. In its history may be found such contrasts as the fact that it had during the Revolution, many tories, yet its most eminent son was James Otis, the Patriot; and such contrasts that, although none of its harbors were really good harbors suitable for a maritime and commercial seaport, yet it was a great maritime town. ..."

Compiled in part to celebrate the town's tercentenary, this volume contains sections devoted to the town's beginnings, its churches, its military history (Colonial Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War), some of its prominent men (Bachiler, Hinckley, Otis, Davis, Percival, Shaw), its civil growth (government, schools, transportation), its maritime history, its designation as "shire" town, and the history of its various villages (Centerville, Cotuit, Hyannis, Marstons Mills, Osterville, and West Barnstable).

Families of note in Barnstable include, among others, BACON, BAKER, BASSETT, BAXTER, BEARSE, BURSLEY, CROCKER, CROSBY, CROWELL, HALLETT, HINCKLEY, JENKINS, LOTHROP (LATHROP), LOVELL, OTIS, PARKER, PHINNEY, and SCUDDER.   For other surnames, see the online index.

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