Aylsworth and Ellsworth

Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendants in America, with Notes Historical and Genealogical, Relating to the Family, from Early English Records, by Homer Elhanan Aylsworth, M.D. and James N. Arnold (Providence, Rhode Island, 1887), 632 pages, including a 128-page index. The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © October 2007.

This genealogical history of the Aylsworth (Aylworth, Ellsworth, Elsworth, etc.) family was published after the author’s death.  James N. Arnold, the noted Rhode Island historian and genealogist edited the book and supervised its publication.  “The author,” he wrote in the preface, “devoted several years of his life to [the genealogy]. He traveled through the various States of the Union and the Dominion of Canada in search of material, and wrote several thousands of letters, involving a large expenditure of money, which he cheerfully paid from his own resources, and although his family is so much poorer by this expenditure, yet they are abundantly richer in the knowledge of the successful result of that labor, and the glorious intellectual monument he has erected to his memory.”

The genealogy supplies us with the histories of the immigrant ancestor, Arthur Aylesworth, who settled in Quidnesset, Rhode Island, before August 1679, and of his descendants in male and female lines into the ninth generation.  It also contains approximately forty pages of history related to the author’s maternal ancestry in the HARRINGTON, BATES, STEWART, DELONG, MAXSON, GREENE, JONES, and MURRAY families – most of whom were closely related as well to other segments of the Ayslworth and Ellsworth families.

Surnames frequently associated with the Aylsworths and Ellsworths, in addition to those of the author's maternal ancestry, include BAKER, BENNETT, BROWN, CLARK, COLEGROVE, COMSTOCK, DAVIS, GARDNER, HULL, JOHNSON, LEACH, LUCAS, MATTESON, McFAUL, MILLER, PERRY, PHILLIPS, REYNOLDS, SMITH, STONE, SWEET, THOMAS, TOLES, WEIGHTMAN, WHITNEY, and WILLIAMS.  Other families named in the genealogy can be found in the on-line index.

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