Andover, New Hampshire

History of the Town of Andover, New Hampshire, 1751-1906, by John R. Eastman (Concord, New Hampshire, 1910).  8vo., two volumes, xx and 482 pages (no index), and 450 pages, including a forty-two page index.  This Digital Edition (published on CD-ROM) © December 2005

A place of considerably more importance in the past than in the present, Andover is located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, about midway as the crow flies between Concord (the state capital) and Hanover (seat of Dartmouth College).

The first volume of this two-volume history is a narrative of the town’s settlement and development.  It includes sketches of the first proprietors, lists of early tax-payers, and the location of landholders and residents in 1800, as well as the usual accounts of civil administration, churches, schools, roads, commercial enterprises, soldiers, pounds, paupers, and tramps.  Among the more valuable resources are the registers of marriage and deaths, cemetery records, and census records (1790 and 1850).

The second volume contains genealogies, including known ancestries, of several hundred families who claimed Andover or New Breton as their home between 1751 and 1900.  Descendants of Andover families are often traced generations beyond their departure from the town.  The family names most frequently mentioned in this second volume include, especially, BACHELDER and BATCHELDER, BROWN, CILLEY, EASTMAN, EMERY, HUNTOON, ROWE, ROLLINS, SANBORN, SCRIBNER, SEAVEY, SLEEPER, TILTON, TUCKER, and also, ASH, BAILEY, BEAN, BLAKE, CALL, CARR, CHASE, CLARK, CLAY, CLOUGH, COLE, CURRIER, DAVIS, DUDLEY, DURGIN, ELKINS, EVANS, FELLOWS, FIFIELD, FRENCH, FULLER, GLINES, GOVE, GRAVES, GREELEY, GREEN, HILTON, KENNISTON, KILBURN, KIMBALL, LADD, MARSTON, MERRILL and MORRILL, MITCHELL, MOODY, MOREY, OSGOOD, PAGE, PERVERE and PEVEARE, PHILBRICK, PROCTOR, PUTNEY, ROBY and ROBIE, ROWELL, SAWYER, SEVERANCE, SWEAT and SWETT, THOMPSON, WATSON, WEARE, and WEYMOUTH.  For all the families represented in this volume of genealogies, see the on-line index.

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